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Come and play 5-6pm on Sunday’s

The pool has reopened on Sunday evenings, and we are now fully able to train and play water polo after a long break due to COVID. While we hope to get back to our traditional Sunday evening 7:30pm pool time once the Leisure Centre gets back to full opening hours, we currently we train from 5pm to 6pm on Sunday evenings.

We are a friendly, “social” water polo club that trains on Sunday nights.  While we are not permanently in a competitive league at present, we have links with other clubs in the region and arrange friendly matches when we can.

We welcome all players aged 18 and over, men and women.

For information on under 18’s please click here.

If you want to find out more about the club please email us at witneywaterpolo@gmail.com or phone Bob Whiteley on 07831 357996.

As a special offer for members, we offer discounts on sports massages through a local company.